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What is provider information used for?

What is provider information used for?

We collect your data as part of your application.  The application determines if your provision meets the criteria that ALDCS have agreed, which enables them to meet their obligations in providing the highest quality residential and fostering care for looked after children and young people.

LCS undertakes an initial assessment of your application and supporting documentation to determine your eligibility to apply.  LCS may seek endorsement from member authorities before you are approved.  

As part of the Terms and Conditions of the LCS Model Contract, you agree to share information about your organisation and service/s with our member authorities for the purpose of providing placement information through the LCS secure portal.  This helps them make informed decisions about your service if you match their referral needs.


Requirement for Additional Documentation

As part of the initial assessment, full accounts for the last two financial years will be requested to determine your financial viability.  This information is kept strictly confidential.


Information required for the life of registration

For the life of registration, LCS will need evidence of the following documentation:

  • Ofsted Information and Statement of Purpose
    • To ensure legal entity and service address is up to date
    • To ensure continuity of quality
    • To determine service type
  • Evidence of Insurance
    • To ensure you are meeting the minimum insurance arrangements as defined in the LCS Model Contract
  • Full Accounts (may be required)
    • To determine financial viability


Information / Documentation stored on the secure portal

LCS secure portal allows some documentation to be uploaded by providers so that it can be shared with member authorities.  You can review and amend some information stored on your page.  Any changes made by providers need to approved by LCS.


Access to the secure portal by member authorities

Ensuring that their obligations are being met, member authorities access your information on the secure portal for the purpose of searching for a placement type that meets the needs of their looked after child or young person. 


Information made available via the secure portal to member authorities

Ofsted Information and Statement of Purpose

This is to determine your registration, quality of service/s and service type

Legal Entity status and contacts

For communication, re: the contract, referrals and general information

The Service/s and Prices

To determine the placement types being offered and at what price

Evidence of Insurance

To ensure you are meeting the minimum insurance arrangements as defined in the Contract

The Location of the Service/s

To assist member authorities to meet their sufficiency duties