Department for Education Publishes Research Priorities for Education and Children's Services

Friday, 14 March 2014

On 13 March 2014 the Department for Education published a paper which set out what the department thinks the important research questions are for children in care. This paper is part of a suite of Research Priority and Question Papers which cover all the department’s key policy areas.


The department wants to make its research prioritisation more transparent and more collaborative: joining up with a wider range of people and organisations to discuss what the research priorities for education and children’s services should be and how the gaps can best be filled. 


The hope is that these papers will kick start a conversation about research and evidence gaps, with interested parties advising what they think about:

  • This new approach of more transparent and collaborative prioritisation of research
  • Whether there is existing research that has been missed in the paper
  • Any research that is already underway or planned that might answer these questions
  • Whether these are the right questions in your opinion.


The department will be engaging with and getting feedback from interested people over the coming months; if you want to get involved or offer your thoughts then get in touch on the email address:


These will be living documents to be revised in light of responses to this first publication and as questions are answered and new ones emerge. The department will continue to commission research but that commissioning will now be informed by these papers and the discussions that are prompted by them.


You can access all of the papers from the website (click here).


The full list of topics covered are:

  • Teachers and Teaching

  • Capital Funding and School Places

  • School Funding

  • Pupil Premium

  • Academies

  • Free Schools, University Technical Colleges and studio schools

  • Children in care

  • Adoption

  • Social work and child protection

  • Early education and childcare

  • Assessment, curriculum and qualifications

  • Special educational needs and disability

  • School behaviour

  • Papers covering 16-19 provision and Accountability and Governance will be published shortly.