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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here.


Do I have to pay a subscription fee to be LCS registered?

No.  The service is free to LCS approved providers.


Does being an LCS approved provider and on the Portal guarantee placements?

Being an LCS approved provider and on the portal maximises the potential for local authorities to find you, however it does not guarantee placements.


Can I be listed on LCS Portal if I am not an LCS approved provider?

Only LCS approved providers can advertise on the portal.


Can Member Authorities still make placements with me if I am not an LCS approved provider?

Yes.  Any local authority is free to use providers regardless of their approved status with LCS.  However, if you are an LCS approved provider it maximises the potential of member authorities finding you.


Which Providers are LCS approved?

The LCS approved Providers List displays the full list of providers offering Residential and Fostering care.


Which Authorities are members of LCS?

There are currently 17 members, consisting of 16 London Boroughs, and one partner authority (Milton Keynes).


Can Providers that offer services for 16+ (semi-independent) register with LCS?

No.  LCS only approve providers that are Ofsted Registered.